Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

UPDATED 3-29-2022.  School hours at Oakstead Elementary School are 10:10 AM – 4:20 PM.  Arrival begins at 9:50, First Bell is 10:00, Second Bell 10:10.  Dismissal Begins at 4:10 pm.

No One is Allowed on Campus Without An Appointment. Parents who need to pick up their child early from school must fill out an online Otter Runner Request, which will serve as the appointment time. Latest early pickup time is 3:40 – no exceptions.

Car Riders:

Carline Drop-Off: We will begin to unload cars in the car loop at 9:50 am. Students will be able to go to the cafeteria to get “free” breakfast or gather outside the office until the 10:00 am bell to be released to their classrooms.  There are two lanes when entering the car loop. It is vital to stay in your lane and wait until a staff member opens your door before releasing your child.  Please be aware that our pre-K parents will park and walk their children to the media center for drop-off.

Carline Pick-up: Parents must be in carline by 4:30 pm. Please remain in your vehicles and have a 2021-22 car tag visible for OES staff. While in the car line, proceed to the next available numbered space and wait for your child. Once your child is loaded into your car, you can remove your car tag and wait for the signal to drive off. Florida Law states that cell phone usage is prohibited when operating a vehicle on school property. Please note if you forget your car tag, you must park your car and show a valid driver’s license in the front office before we will release your child. Remember, this is for their safety. Pre-k parents will park and sign their children out from the media center.


PLACE Drop-off: PLACE drop-off is from 6:30am-9:30am. Parents will need to park their cars in the main parking lot and walk their children to the cafeteria through the front main entrance gate outside the front office. There are no PLACE drop-offs after 9:30 am.

PLACE Pick-Up: PLACE pick-up is between 5:00 pm-6:00 pm. If you need to pick up your child before 5:00 pm, an Otter Runner will need to be submitted through our website to change dismissal to car rider. Be sure to have a 2021-22 car tag on your car. No parents will be allowed access to PLACE before 5 pm. Until 5:00 pm, we are in “active” dismissal procedures, and parents arriving for PLACE pickup before 5:00 pm will need to wait until our carline is complete. Parents can find additional information about the PLACE program at

Walkers/Bike Riders:

Arrival: Students who walk or ride their bikes to school will enter campus through the designated gate on Lake Patience Road. Parents are not permitted beyond the gate. Staff will be assigned to supervise this area and assist students as needed. Please do not arrive too early. Gates will open at 9:50 am. Students will be able to go to the cafeteria to get “free” breakfast or wait near the bike rack until the 10:00 am bell to be released to their classrooms.

Dismissal: Dismissal will begin at 4:10 pm. Parents wishing to meet their children can do so at the gate on Lake Patience Road. A staff member will supervise students until they are at the gate. When you designate your child as a walker/bike rider, you allow them to walk off the campus without an adult pickup.

Bus Riders:

Arrival/Dismissal: Students who ride the bus must follow the district bus expectations outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Buses enter the bus loop and when instructed, students will load and unload from the bus. Students will enter and exit the campus through the bus gate. In the afternoon, students are escorted to their bus by a teacher. This ensures students get to the buses safely.

Changes to Dismissal/Otter Runners:

When a change needs to be made in how your child goes home, parents will fill out an “OTTER RUNNER” request. All requests are made from our school website  All change requests must be submitted by 3:30 pm to ensure your child and the classroom teacher are aware of the change. Please do NOT message the teacher or send in a note; completing an OTTER RUNNER request is the best way to ensure your child goes home the correct way.