Odyssey Of The Mind-Coaches Corner

What is Odyssey of the Mind?

Odyssey of the Mind is an international program for students in kindergarten through college. Members work in teams and use creative problem solving skills to produce solutions for a variety of problems. Problem solutions range from building working vehicles and inventive structures to live performances, written and acted by teams, which present creative solutions.

Coaches Corner

  • You will also need to collect money from your team to pay for props and supplies.  This is between coaches and team members.
  • Each team is responsible for recruiting a judge who MUST commit to two Saturdays…one for training, one for the competition.
  • Each team is responsible for recruiting a worker to work the day of our competition.  They work for a three hour shift and it will not conflict with your team’s long-term performance.
  • All judges and workers MUST be approved volunteers through DSBPC.

Beginning Coaches

Spontaneous Resources