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Claudia Steinacker, Principal                 

Christine Ramirez, Assistant Principal    


VPK and Pre-K ESE- Sensational Otters Team

Christine Cox                 

Alicia Price                    

Stephanie Petrucci        

Shari Kantor                    

Pam Sypniewski            

Char-Lottie Langlais         

Kindergarten- Adventurous Otters Team

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Kari Bilancione                                      

Megan Klebeck                                    

Beth Byrd                                              

Maria Mantzaris                                   

Jessica Neeley                                       

Kami Peloquin                               

Laura Sprague (mySchool Online)        

Samantha Stack- sub Amy Leung:            

First Grade- Ambitious Otters Team

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Michelle Grafton                            

Olivia Hicks                                           

Megan Poll                                            

Jen Sanchez                                       

Kaylee Soto                                           

Christy Steven                                       

Erik Tyson (mySchool Online)               

Second Grade- Wise Otters Team

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Sherri Brown (mySchool Online)          

Amanda Gault                                       

Kristilee Hudak                                      

Heather Pollard                                    

Melanie Renzoni                                  

Diane Rock                                            

Pam Saenz                                            

Third Grade- Incredible Otters Team

Click here for the 3rd Grade Website.

Christina Bouffard                                            

Laura Cytryszewski                                           

      Lisa Diogenes                                                      

Meena Gartland (Gifted)                                  

Erika Hulling                                                      

Amber Kerns (mySchool Online)                                Sub: Ms. Brianna Yamauchi:

Shawn Kilmer                                                    

Megan Martinez                                          


Fourth Grade- Epic Otters Team

Click here for the Fourth Grade Website.

Sarah Cook                                                     

Melissa Herd                                                

Linda Holcomb                                                  

Kye Maury (mySchool Online)                               

Alicia Piccininni                                                 

James Smith                                                      

Kristin Thompson (Gifted)                                 

                                                                                   Laura Vanecek                                                      

Fifth Grade- Legendary Otters Team

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 Kevin Baldwin                                                   

  Christina Campbell (Gifted)                              

Stacey Desort (mySchool Online)                     

Rachel Lantzy                                                   

  Stephanie Ramsey                                            

  Jean Reamer                                                     

  Chris Symons                                                   

Support Facilitators- Outrageous Otters Team

Samantha Fiatal                                    

April Finch                                             

Tammy Holliday                                    

Shannon Jackson, Speech Teacher       

Helen Monahan                                    

Kimberly O’Keeffe                                 

Hannah Uddin, SLP                               

Guidance and Specials Areas Teachers- Outrageous Otters Team

Click here to visit Oakstead Counselor’s Page!

Meghan Baisley, P.E. Teacher             

Heather Byrd, Music Teacher              

Maly Carlson, PE IA                            

Katie Cuviello, School Counselor        

Jen Grob, Art Teacher                          

Michele Stevic, Art Teacher                 

Leah Speed, School Counselor             

Scott Tassone, P.E. Teacher                

Joe Watson, Music Teacher                  

Leah Williams, P.E. Teacher                

Instructional Assistants- Outstanding Otters Team

Barbara Lane                          

Letty Merino, ESOL IA            

Sharon Miller                            

Gina Mitchell                            

Kim Robb                                 

Amy Shumate                           

Odona Winzer                           

Brianna Yamauchi                    

Office Team- Positive Otters Team

Cage, Cristina

Guidance Secretary


Crouse, Lisa



Ferguson, Rodney

Safety Guard


Gardner, Jennifer

Social Worker 


Gullo, Vicki

Clinic Assistant 


Harrison, Linzie

Part Time Secretary


Herbert, Lyn



Leung, Amy 

Learning Design Coach 


Nagy, Candy 



Neptune, Kathleen 



Riley-Capo, Lisa



Thompson, Jennifer 



Traslavina Diaz, Lory Alejandra

 Data Entry


Plant Custodial Team

Bob Jackson, Plant Manager                            

Jeff Croucher, Assistant Plant Manager           


Click here to go to the Food and Nutrition Website!

Sheri Dibiasi, Café Manager                            813-346-1578

Judy Ritzko, Assistant Café Manager                    813-346-1578

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PLACE Program

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Al Brown, Multi-Site Manager         

Luisa Taylor, PLACE Site Manager  

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