Translation Tools for ESOL Families

To ensure our ESOL families receive the same information our other families do, there are a few things we can do:


On the bottom of every one of our website’s pages is a GoogleTranslate button.

Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook helps automatically translate messages.

In your Outlook, go to Settings (the gear icon on the top blue bar) and scroll to the bottom:

Click on “View all Outlook settings”:

Make sure “Mail” is selected on the leftmost column. Then click “Message Handling” on the middle column. You will see another menu appear on the right. Scroll until you reach “Translation.” Then you will indicate your preferences and don’t forget to click “Save.”

Google Translate:

Google Translate is very accurate as well, as long as the proper grammar is used. If you use colloquialism or slangs it won’t translate what you meant to say.